During the Anders Denken Symposium 2021, four inspiring speakers will share their idiosyncratic views and on contemporary issues and provide valuable insights from their own fields.


The month of September 2021 is dedicated to the Different Thinking Symposium.

Different Thinking Podcast

Anders Denken Podcast | Sept. 9

Working sustainably with Renske van Beek

Dutch para-snowboarder Renske van Beek talks about her past, present and future during the first edition of the Anders Denken Podcast. Despite having suffered a cerebral infarction at a young age, leaving her half-sidedly paralyzed, she plays sports at the top level and also works. How does Renkse stay sustainably employable? Find out and listen to the Anders Denken Podcast!

Rudo Vissers

Rudo Vissers | September 16

Hooray, a wage penalty!

It can happen in any organization that an employee suddenly falls into absenteeism. This often means extra administration and costs. But as soon as an employer is imposed a wage penalty, not one thing is added: panic! Ideally, you want employees to return to work quickly. However, you can also see a wage penalty as an opportunity to repair missed opportunities. Rudo Vissers explains that a wage penalty is something to celebrate and why.


Francien Regelink | September 23

All Days Very Busy; so also at work

2.1% of all working Dutch people have Ad(H)D, Francien is one of them. A disorder, which she now embraces, but can also form obstacles in daily life; school, work or in dealing with others. AD(H)D is more than just being All Carry Very Busy. You are more easily distracted, have difficulty concentrating and cannot sit still. So how do you deal with this in the workplace? Francien tells during the symposium exactly what AD(H)D is, what it does to a person and what ways she has found to be able to flourish in the workplace. Are you watching?

Damien Denys

Prof. Dr. Damiaan Denys | Sept. 30 | Live 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Fear in life or fear of life?

According to psychiatrist, philosopher and professor Damiaan Denys, we are more anxious than ever before and willing to sacrifice even some of our freedom for it. But what is fear? And why are we so anxious these days when change happens? What others think of us? Or what the future will look like? His goal is not to remove fear, but to show that it is a driving force. "We now act more often to avoid fear than because we actually want something," Denys said. During the symposium, Denys explains why we are fearful in life and that you have to have it right to live.

Maarten van Rossem

Prof. Dr. Maarten van Rossem | 30 September | Live 13:30 - 15:30

"Actually, I retired under protest."

Maarten van Rossem. Not only a historian and writer, but also known for many talk shows where he comments on political and social developments. He is now 77 and retired, at least on paper. Some dream of retiring and others don't want to think about it yet. Van Rossem tells his story about working, then and now and why he is not sitting still for the time being.


Panel session | September 30 | Live 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Put your questions to the speakers

What would you do in this situation? How do you view this? What do you think the future looks like? You can ask our speakers these and, of course, many more questions during the panel session. Speakers will also give their own take on various propositions. Do you want answers? Then watch the panel session live.