From inspiration week to complete symposium

Every year we want to inspire and encourage you to think outside the box. We do this during the Anders Denken Symposium, paraDIGMA group's annual event.

The Anders Denken Symposium originated in 2015 from the idea of holding inspiration sessions for our clients and colleagues. The goal was to look together at innovations, visions and distinctive ideas within the world of sustainable employability. From this ambition, the first inspiration week was organized. For a week, clients and colleagues were welcomed where Maarten van der Weijden, Olympic athlete and cancer survivor, gave an inspiring session as the first guest speaker. After evaluation of this week, the idea arose to turn it into an exciting afternoon of inspiration and The Different Thinking Symposium was born.


2017 - 2023

Theme: Leadership

Watch the trailer of the 2017 Anders Denken Symposium. This year's theme was "Leadership" with four inspiring speakers: Rudo Vissers (CEO), Rens van der Vorst (Technophilosopher), Chiel van der Linden (Trainer and coach) and Björn Kuipers (Soccer referee).

Theme: Leadership

Watch the trailer of the 2017 Anders Denken Symposium. This year's theme was "Leadership" with four inspiring speakers: Rudo Vissers (CEO), Rens van der Vorst (Technophilosopher), Chiel van der Linden (Trainer and coach) and Björn Kuipers (Soccer referee).

Theme: Directing can be learned

The Anders Denken Symposium was held on September 27, 2018 at the Muziekcentrum van de Omroep in Hilversum. This year's theme was "Directing You Can Learn," with speakers including Rudo Vissers (CEO), Martin Koolhoven (Filmmaker), William Boeva (Comedian) and Eduard Baas (Researcher and Writer).

Theme: Looking Differently

We all have our own view of certain things and people. But if we let go of that view and look differently we start to see different things. Problems become challenges, challenges become opportunities and rules and protocols become people. We explored this last year during the Anders Denken Symposium 2021. With four stimulating speakers like Rudo Vissers (CEO), Maarten van Rossem (Historian) , Damiaan Denys (Psychiatrist, philosopher and professor) and Francien Regelink (writer), last year was again a success.

Theme: Tantalizing

It has been around for a long time: the tightness in the labor market. Organizations are urgently looking for new employees and everything is being done to attract talent. Attracting and keeping employees is a hot topic these days. Once you have secured the perfect employee, you must ensure that they do not leave with a nice offer to the next employer. Binding and retaining talent is crucial for the success of an organization, but it takes more than just being an attractive employer..

Theme: Structural barbarians

The Anders Denken Symposium 2023 was all about structure barbarians. Disorder or warorder, bias and structure, culture through structure or just culture over structure. Peter Ros, Dr. Marcia Goddard, Theo Jansen and Rudo Vissers discussed their take on the subject: Structure barbarians. Where one person benefits from structure, another believes it is at the expense of the culture of the organization. But what is the truth? In a crowded Flint Theater in Amersfoort, the speakers Rudo Vissers, Peter Ros, Marcia Goddard and Theo Jansen each gave a different view on structure and culture.


The Different Thinking Platform

In addition to the Different Thinking Symposium, we from paraDIGMA group have the Different Thinking Platform. This is the platform where we encourage everyone to look at the world with a new perspective; a new paradigm. Read our Anders Denken Magazine, listen to the Anders Denken Podcast or visit the Anders Denken Symposium and get inspired!

Rudo Vissers on the overstressed labor market, is binding and captivating the solution? | Anders Denken Podcast #10

"First things first: is the labor market actually overstrained? Let's look at the situation differently. Right now, the Netherlands has about 600,000 open vacancies. At the same time, an equally large number of employees are absent from work in our country. In addition, the Netherlands also has about 500,000 unemployed. That means there are 1,100,000 people sitting at home. Do we have a capacity problem or do we simply not succeed in putting and keeping people in good jobs?

The solution to the staffing shortage? It lies, in large part, in open communication. As an employer, start the conversation and ask your employee if he is enjoying his job with you. Yes, that's exciting, because you might get a (too) honest answer. But do you know what is even worse? An employee who drops out. Stop binding and engaging and start inspiring and pruning."

Listen to the Different Thinking Podcast #10 now.